Annette LaDell, LLC

I specialize in areas of self-confidence, grief, loss, trauma, anxiety, depression and social perceptions. Counseling is a process where trust is built, allowing a connection that facilitates deep and meaningful conversations. Those conversations lead to the possibility of healing and a renewed sense of peace as you begin to believe in yourself and embrace new possibilities. 

Using a person-centered approach, we will find meaning in your experiences. This will allow us to work toward personal growth by resolving issues that hinder you. The goal with this approach is to align your self-worth, self-image, and your ideal self. 

Using a cognitive-behavioral approach, I will challenge and guide you to reorganize irrational thoughts and beliefs into rational, realistic, life-enhancing thoughts and beliefs. 

We will together create goals that include unconditional acceptance of self by developing new cognitive and behavioral skills.

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